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  1. Steffi1690 Moderator 13wk 3d ago


  2. shirayuki-san Oct 08, 2017


  3. Steffi1690 Moderator Aug 16, 2016


  4. minayuri Jul 13, 2016


  5. Blue-Crescent May 10, 2016

    Quote by EKarin She's also my favorite!^^

    Hi my friend!

    Woah! What a commonality! Jupiter is indeed awesome.
    She's tough, strong and has cool lightning powers. She's like a dream. >_<
    Toei Animation is so great as well for bringing Digimon and Sailor Moon to our childhood, plus the fact they had done remakes for both.^^

    Anyway, take care always, my friend. ^^


  6. Blue-Crescent Apr 29, 2016

    Ayee. Thank you for the faves, dear friend.

    I do hope they will really accept those scans as I still have 2 of them. ^^ Take care always. ^^

  7. Blue-Crescent Apr 26, 2016

    Hello Ekarin, my friend.Thank you for the faves!

    I do hope you have been doing well. Take care always.

  8. Blue-Crescent Apr 20, 2016

    Quote by EKarin Thank you very much for the dedication, Angemon and Takeru are my favorites.^^

    Hello my good friend. Thank you for the faves again.
    Wow! We share the same preference. This pair is really great. Angemon's first appearance never gets old.
    I will always love that seen. That has caused Digimon Adventure to extend because its popularity when they should have ended it on that seen where Devimon was defeated. After than, another seasons were created and the rest is history. Now, we have Digimon Tri, sadly Kouji Wada-san departed already. T_T

    Also, I love Yamato and Gabumon. :)

    Take care always and have a blessed day ahead, my friend.

    BLUE. ^^

  9. Blue-Crescent Apr 18, 2016

    Quote by EKarin Really love your Digimon scans!^^

    Hello EKarin! Thank you very much for the faves for my Digimon scans.
    I am really glad you love them, and it feels great also to know someone who loves Digimon as much as I do.
    Though they are not my scans, plus please do watch out for the remaining scans I will be posting for the remaining chosen children.

    PS: Since you love them, I will also dedicate the scans for you in the description. ^^

  10. Steffi1690 Moderator Jan 07, 2016


  11. Blue-Crescent Jan 02, 2016

    EKarin-san! Have a beautiful 2016 ahead of you! *hugs*


  12. Blue-Crescent Dec 26, 2015

    Have an awesome one, Ekarin-san!


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